Website Maintenance

GrongTech Website Maintenance


Any major investment, such as a house or a vehicle, requires periodic maintenance to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to head off any potential problems before they become serious nightmares.  Your website is the same.

GrongTech can run a quarterly maintenance on your website which covers the following tests:


  • Page speed test and report
  • Broken links
  • “404 Page not found” search
  • WordPress/Theme/Plugin updates
  • Contact form testing

Page Speed Testing

Site speed is a major factor in your search engine ranking. We use both PageSpeed and YSlow testing to identify areas on your site which are negatively affecting your speed.

Broken Links

We conduct a site wide search for broken links and 404 Page Not Found errors. Nothing frustrates a visitor to your site more than not finding what they’re looking for!


One of the strengths of WordPress is that it is constantly improving and growing. Keeping your themes and plugins up to date allows you to take advantage of increased functionality, bug fixes, and resulting increased security for your site.


Contact Form Testing

Never underestimate the power of a properly functioning contact form on your website. Not only is it a way for potential customers to engage with you, but it is also your foundation for email marketing. Let us ensure it’s working properly.

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