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We don’t just build your website, hand you the keys and say “see you later”. GrongTech can take on the job of maintaining and backing up your website for you!

Our website care plans have you covered by taking the pressure off and shouldering the responsibility of installing, running updates and ensuring update compatibility; carrying out regular site back-ups and storing them off-site (so that in the event of a server failure your back-ups aren’t lost along with your website!); Offering in-depth, step-by-step WordPress training built right into your website; and depending on your plan,  unlimited support tasks** which you can use to either repair or update your site, or do something else!  We also offer monthly reporting on all of the support and maintenance activity done on your site.  If you have Google Analytics installed, you will also receive a weekly analysis of how your website is doing.

At GrongTech we recognise that you already have your hands full running your business. Let us give you the peace of mind knowing that your website is well-maintained and doing exactly what it was designed to!

Client Support Services


Just as computer software developers often send out updates to either fix bugs or improve their software’s functionality, WordPress websites are the same.  This is one of the core strengths of the WordPress platform- it is never stagnant, and is constantly improving, growing, and evolving.

It does mean however, that when updates are released the entire site be checked for compatibility, and to ensure that the site is still performing as required once the update is installed.  This is the same whether the update is for WordPress itself, or whether the update is for one of the plugins we have used to add extra functionality to your site.

GrongTech can do this for you at regular intervals and then report back to you.

Back-Up Solutions


You’ve put time, effort, and money into your website, don’t let a computer glitch take all of it away in an instant! Remember the panic and pain you felt when you lost that essay or report on your computer the night before it was due and you didn’t have a back up?  Imagine losing a whole website!

The key to that never happening to you is a frequent and regular schedule of back-ups.  Not just for your pages and media, but for your whole site- database and all.

With a comprehensive recent back-up of your website, you are insulated not only from server crashes and your website disappearing into thin air, but should it ever happen, you can easily recover from an attack on your website as well.

WordPress Training

In-Depth and Advanced WordPress Training

Included with the majority of our web maintenance plans is access to in-depth WordPress video training which will help you learn how to manage the content on your site. Topics covered include: Basic WordPress Training, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics Training, Woo Commerce Training, and Gravity Forms Training.

These training videos are built right into your website and can be accessed 24/7/365 at your convenience!

Developer License

Licensing- Covered!

Although WordPress itself is free and open source, many of the premium frameworks, themes and plugins required to build a fully functional website are not. GrongTech can cover the annual/monthly subscription for this added functionality by extending our developer licensing to cover client websites. This is available to clients on our Manage and Master Plans.

Any site using GrongTech developer licensing is also required to keep the GrongTech link in the website’s footer.

Web Maintenance

Unlimited Support Tasks

Our Web Manage and Web Master care plans include unlimited support tasks each month (30 minutes or less per task). Common tasks include: Content updates, Plugin research and setup, Embedding 3rd-party scripts, Server or DNS changes, Configuring forms, General WP questions and assistance.

*Support tasks do not include new development. Current off-plan rates for website support tasks are $65/hour.

*Clients will receive a monthly report of all updates/upgrades performed on the website. If Google analytics is installed, clients will receive weekly analytics reports.
** One support task equals not more than 30 minutes of work. Support tasks do not include new development. Current off-plan rates for website maintenance are $65/hour.
*** GrongTech will cover annual licensing costs for framework/themes, and other premium plugins (eCommerce and Membership not included).
****An initial commitment of 3 months is required for the Web Manage and Web Master plans, after which plans can be cancelled at any time after one month’s notice.

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Let us give you the peace of mind knowing that your website is well-maintained and doing exactly what it was designed to!