Here, at the beginning of September 2021, we are entering the euphoric stage of the “All Time High” part of the 4 year bitcoin cycle.  It’s a time of joy and celebration as we all sit back and watch the candles on our charts reach upwards like a thermometer on a hot day.

And we do need to take the time to enjoy this; to revel in the knowledge that our plans and hard work for this cycle are paying off.  But we need to be wary; the job is not done.  If you are planning to sit on your crypto investment over the next two years and ride it out, you need to steel yourself against the coming plunge.  If you are planning to sell at, or near, the top,  now is the time to solidify your plan and get ready to spring into action.

This is where the life changing gains are made.  This is where knowledge of the 4 year cycle pays off.

How so?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are sitting on exactly one bitcoin.   The cycle tops out this year at just above $100,000 and (for simple math’s sake) you sell the bitcoin for $100,000.    In 9 or so months, the bear market bottoms out at $20,000 and you use that $100,000 to buy 5 Bitcoins.   The next cycle tops out at $250,000 and you sell your 5 coins then. 


What have you done here?

You have taken that $100,000 and turned it into $1,250,000.  THAT is the power of using the cyclical nature of cryptocurrency.

These aren’t just numbers plucked out of thin air either.  Bitcoin is predicted to top out anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 this cycle and bottom out near $20,000.  Early predictions for the next cycle high are around $250,000 to $300,000.   These are very real numbers and a very real example of the gains that are coming.

You hear a lot of stories about all of the crypto millionaires and their lambos;  this is exactly how they did it.

How does that differ from the sit on it and hold-style of investment?   At the end of the next cycle, your one Bitcoin would be worth $250,000.  Still an incredibly successful investment, but so much money left on the table!

Now is the time to get your plan in place and get ready!      This is a really great and short video which not only discusses the one into five bitcoin paradigm, but also gives you a really good idea of how to sell out near the top: