Walk-on Video Spokesperson

Walk-On Spokesperson at GrongTech

Project Description

A walk-on spokesperson on the front page of a website is a novel way to engage with your visitors in a way that adds personality and character to your image or brand, and is quickly becoming a specialty at GrongTech.

From the first steps with the all important script, to coaching the talent to interact with the site in the background, to editing and embedding the finished product on your site, Grongtech has it all covered.

Project Details

Client: Various

Date: Various

Skills:  Scriptwriting, Video recording, Video Editing, Greenscreen, Web Design

View: PerthUBSG.com | 1GOD.com

1GOD Walk-on Featuring Pato Banton

1GOD.com Walk-on Spokesperson

GrongTech was honoured to have the talent of Pato Banton, world famous recording artist, in front of the camera as the walk-on spokesperson for the 1GOD.com front page. Pato’s enthusiastic professionalism shines through as he introduces the website, the project, and invites visitors to participate.

PerthUBSG.com Walk-on Spokesperson

PerthUBSG wanted a unique way to call attention to specific features of their new website, and GrongTech suggested a walk-on video spokesperson.  Using in-house talent, the spokesperson was able to introduce the site to visitors and make them aware of the it’s main features in a brief and engaging presentation.

PerthUBSG Walk-On Video Spokesperson

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