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1GOD.com Project

Project Description

1GOD.com required a website for their publishing platform which provides a clear focus on their contributors and content, while giving visitors to the site the opportunity to engage with the contributors and their content both on the website and on social media.

GrongTech’s solution is an inviting, dynamic website, integrating social media as well as on-site engagement and participation.

Project Details

Client 1GOD.com
Date January, 2016
Skills Branding, Web Design, Social Media Integration
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1GOD Engagement


1GOD.com requested a way to really help readers engage with their contributors. GrongTech rose to the challenge by implementing full social sharing/following, the ability to follow individual contributors, and the ability to subscribe to contributors and articles by email. This is combined with their huge social media activity and following to offer full-scale engagement and community building.

Content & Contributor Focused

It was an imperative that the structural focus of the website be on the ‘voices of 1GOD.com- the contributors, and their content. Our solution showcases 1GOD’s regular contributors and offers a variety of appealing ways to access their content.

1GOD Content

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