1GOD.com Explainer Video

1GOD.com Explainer Video

Project Description

1GOD.com is positioning itself as a platform for contributors from a wide variety of  religious, philosophical, and cultural backgrounds to unite behind the one simple truth that no matter what the language, terminology, or approach, everyone is worshipping the same universal, transcendent creator; which in turn makes every single person on Earth spiritual brothers and sisters. GrongTech was tasked with explaining this message utilising video.

The whiteboard animation format was chosen as a counter to the serious and intellectual nature of the content, and as an engaging way to communicate a detailed explanation of what 1GOD.com is all about.

The video consists of four parts:

Then:  A short description of the evolution of religion and the emergence of monotheism, while acknowledging non-theistic approaches such as Buddhism.

Now:  A short summary of the modern approach to religion while identifying different groups.

Obstacles: 1GOD.com intends to position itself as the “reasonable alternative” to extreme ideologies such as religious fundamentalism, relativism, neo-atheism, and secular materialism.

Our Vision: A description of what 1GOD is planning to become, and an invitation for people to get involved.

The video will be broken down into its four parts to use on social media as teasers to point back to the complete video which is hosted on YouTube and embedded on the website’s About Us page

Project Details

Client: 1GOD.com

Date: 7 Apr  2015

Skills: Scriptwriting, Whiteboard animation, Sourcing voice talent, Sourcing and procuring rights to music, video editing

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWHjEWHtSgs

1GOD Project Feature 1

Animation to Balance Serious Content

Due to the serious and intellectual nature of the content, we chose a whiteboard animated format to counter the content with images that both entertain and inform.

Inspiration and Participation

Not only was the purpose of the video to explain, but it was also required to inspire people to participate in the 1GOD platform as it grows. This was accomplished with music and imagery of crowds of people.

1GOD Project Feature 2

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