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A website is only the first part of your online journey. Now let’s turn you traffic into repeat customers!


The respiration of a good website: exhale content, inhale traffic.


Let’s start turning that traffic into leads!

3. Customers!

Now we can transform your leads into repeat customers!

Good math:
More traffic = more leads = more customers = increased revenue

Do You Have a Website?

How’s that working for you? Are you one of countless numbers of people who got themselves a website thinking that it would bring hordes of traffic swarming to your door? Are you wondering where all of your traffic is? Are you wondering why your site is still not on page one of Google?

The fundamental problem is that a significantly large percentage of website owners view a website as an online advertisement, or online brochure for their business or organisation. This view is selling the potential of a website short to an alarming degree!

What should a website be then? It should be the foundation of your mechanism for turning traffic into leads, then turning those leads into customers, and finally, those customers into repeat customers.

This bears repeating: a website should take traffic and ultimately turn it into repeat customers.

A website is only step one in building an overall digital marketing strategy- a foundational part, but still only a part. People aren’t going to magically find your site and start flocking to it until you start giving them reasons and incentives to do so. You also need to think about how you are going provide a journey for that traffic that will turn them into repeat customers.

So how do we solve this problem? Marketing, and Automation.

It’s nothing new. You need to reach your target audience, and get your products or services and your expertise in front of them, and then you need to sell them on what you are offering. And you need to make it easy. You need to make it easy for people to purchase your products or service. If you don’t give them the easiest possible route towards making that purchase from you, they will go somewhere where it is easier.

How do we accomplish all of this? We create marketing funnels to help cultivate trust and guide visitors towards becoming leads and then guide those leads into becoming customers.

We haven’t told you the best part yet: once the marketing funnel is set up and launched, it is FULLY AUTOMATIC! Your marketing funnel has become your very own robot salesperson who works for you 24/7/365.

And that’s why we call it marketing automation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), isn't that supposed to drive traffic to my website?

The short answer is “yes, but..”

SEO is a vastly complex area that often requires specialized companies working constantly to tweak and optimize your website so that it will rank as highly as possible in search results for terms specific to your products or services.

SEO has become complex because Google has become more sophisticated. Google ranks websites according to hundreds of factors which can be divided into two simple categories: Relevance and reputation. A website’s ranking is based on a combined score in these two categories. Read more about relevance and reputation in this SEO article.

The problem is that Google is constantly changing the playing field. They change the rules for a variety of reasons, but the bottom line is that if you depend solely on SEO for your traffic, you are chasing a carrot on a stick.

A website properly optimised for SEO is essential, but it is only part of a much larger solution.


Does marketing automation automate ALL of my marketing?

Unfortunately we’re not quite there yet.

Marketing automation handles traffic once it has arrived on your website, or clicked on an offer or advertisement. The whole sales process of taking your traffic and turning them into a paying customer is fully automated, but the marketing required to generate that traffic is not.

It is still vitally important to keep your content marketing going to help generate that traffic.

What are lead magnets and tripwire products?

A lead magnet is something you offer visitors that it of high enough value to them that they are willing to give you their email address for it. When traffic visiting your website submits their email address in exchange for your lead magnet, they become a lead.

A tripwire product is something that gets offered to a lead further down the funnel. It is a very high value product with a small price tag. Getting a lead to purchase a tripwire product not only turns them into a customer, but it also demonstrates the level of your customer service and their purchasing experience. Now that they know how awesome it is dealing with you, they are ready to purchase your flagship product or service.

What do I need to get a marketing funnel?

Firstly, you need a website. If you don’t have one yet, we can help. GrongTech can handle all of you website creation needs.

Setting up a marketing funnel requires clear goals and the creation of lead magnets, tripwire products, and email series.

These things are often unique to each business and requires discussions aimed at creating a complete digital marketing plan. There is no point in setting up a marketing funnel if there is no traffic generation strategies in place. Likewise, these is no point in directing traffic to a website that is not set up to work with that traffic.

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