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We remember back in the 1990s watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and being fascinated when the captain or one of the crew members read books that were synched to tablets from the main computer. That technology was realised in 2007 when released the Kindle. A few years later, after presenting their revolutionary iPad to the world, Apple leapfrogged the Star Trek technology with their iBooks format. This new format supports all of the capabilities of the iPad in the books themselves- you can zoom in and out of interactive images, rotate 3D images, listen to audio, watch video, view spectacular full page photo galleries, embed full Keynote presentations, and enjoy internet access; all right from the pages in the book!

This is a revolutionary next step in how we can communicate our ideas by means of the written word. A picture is worth 1000 words, video is 24-30 pictures/second, and internet access from the pages of the book places the whole world at your fingertips! You can see what we’re so excited about here.

At present, the iBooks format requires a desktop or laptop Mac running a minimum of OSX 10.9 (Mavericks), or an iOS device ( an iPod, iPhone, or iPad) to take full advantage of all of these integrated multimedia capabilities.


Service Summary

  • iBook Formatting
  • Integration of supplied, pre-formatted media
  • Creation of iBook specific media
  • Literary critique of written content
  • Book cover artwork
  • Assitance and advice on publishing your finished product in the iBookstore

Call and speak to us today about how we can take your manuscript, photo book, article, or even business report to the next level.

iBook Formatting


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