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[user_name], your website is done!   Congratulations!  WooHoo!

Now it’s time for step two; attracting people to your site and its services or products.  How do we do this?  Marketing.

Marketing has changed drastically over the past 20 years; print ads and campaigns have shifted online.  Yes there are still a lot of print ads in newspapers, magazines, etc.. but the beauty of online marketing is that it goes a long way towards levelling the playing field between big and small business.  Small businesses can compete online with huge multinational corporations for a fraction of the cost of traditional print marketing.  And thanks to the global nature of the internet, small business can extend their traditional local reach to a global one!

Wow!  You’re probably saying “I need to get me some of that!”  Yes you do!  The foundation of your online presence is your website, and the foundation of attracting people to your site is consistently published, quality content.  If people find your content informative, useful, or entertaining, they will return for more.   You can help increase your reach and begin marketing to an already receptive audience through social media and email.

Complimentary Resources

As a designer, GrongTech regularly scours the internet for up-to-date best practices and how-to information on online marketing which we are pleased to share with our clients.  There is a lot of great information here; please make use of it! Remember to check back often.  We will be updating these resources as we find them.


A link to your complimentary WordPress Manual, and some links relevant to your website:

GrongTech WordPress Manual

GrongTech Online WordPress Video Tutorials

DIVI Page Builder Video Tutorials

Monarch Plugin:  FaceBook API walkthrough (video)

CleanTalk (Anti-Spam Protection)

Bloom Tutorials (Pop-up Opt-in Forms)

Google Analytics


Advice and assistance with setting up your marketing plan.  If you don’t have structure and planning, marketing can quickly consume all of your time!  Plan well!  And make use of the following:

Editorial Calendar Templates

33 Marketing Templates;  This is pure gold!!

Web Strategy Planning Template

Email & List Building

Never underestimate the power of being able to directly market to a list of people who have chosen to hear more from and about you- FOR FREE!  Make sure that you use your email list for more than marketing!  Again, quality useful, or entertaining content is a must.

Email List Building Course

Anatomy of a Five Star Email



Consider blogging as the foundation of your marketing plan.  Why?  A consistent schedule of regularly published, high quality content will help establish your reputation and increase organic traffic to your site.  The only cost to you is time!

Blog Post Types: You can do a lot more that just writing articles!

Blog Content Planner: (.xls spreadsheet)

Blog Post Checklist:  Use this checklist to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases before you hit the publish button.

How To Write Better Blog Posts:  YouTube Video

How To Get 10,000 Readers For Your Blog:  HubSpot pdf

DIVI Shortcodes: Some great ways to format you content and more!

5 Ways To Actually Get People To Read Your Blog:  YouTube Video


Don’t want to pay for quality images in your posts?  Here are some options:

ImageInject: If you are uncomfortable installing plugins, GrongTech can install and set this up for you.  Totally worth it!!

Photo blogs who publish high quality images that are not on stock photo websites are a great way to lend your site/content some uniqueness and originality. Just be sure to take note of their licensing/accreditation policies.


Photo Search Engines

If on the other hand, you are willing to search through the often sea of bad images on royalty free stock photo websites in order to find the good stuff, then this list will give you plenty to sift through.

Blogging (and more) resources

Social Media

Social media is far more than pictures of people’s dinner, and cat videos.  It is one of the fastest and most effective means to extend your reach and take your brand global.  Properly utilising social media can be all the marketing you will ever need!

Always Up-to-Date Social Media Image Sizes: Option 1 | Option 2

Social Media Image Templates

Social Media Post Length: Best Practices Infographic

72 Social Media Headlines


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