Content Management

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Content Management

Promoting and running a business is demanding.  Who needs the extra hassle of managing a website? After all, there are only so many hours in the day!

How hard could it really be, you ask? Promoting and maintaining a website means regularly creating and publishing quality content, such as blogs and articles. It also requires the integration of social media.

At GrongTech, we can manage major components of keeping your site relevant, your content fresh, and your social media humming- all the while helping build your all important online reputation. Why is reputation so important?  The short answer is that Google has made it important.  (See our SEO page for more details)

Our content management services can assist you with:

  • Blog coordination and publishing
  • Blog editing
  • General copy editing
  • CMS training



  • Social media coordination
  • Social media training
  • Testing/changing website links
  • Web page content editing
  • Structural updates/repairs


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