GrongTech Back-Up Solutions

Back-Up Solutions

You’ve put time, effort, and money into your website, don’t let a computer glitch take all of it away in an instant! Remember the panic and pain you felt when you lost that essay or report on your computer the night before it was due and you didn’t have a back up?  Imagine losing a whole website!

The key to that never happening to you is a frequent and regular schedule of back-ups.  Not just for your pages and media, but for your whole site- database and all.

With a comprehensive recent back-up of your website, you are insulated not only from server crashes and your website disappearing into thin air, but should it ever happen, you can easily recover from an attack on your website as well.

We can take this on board for you, set up a back-up schedule, store your back-ups, and you can rest comfortably, confident in the knowledge that we’ve got your back!


We schedule regular automatic back-ups of your site so that you can rest easy knowing your changes are saved and safe.

Off Site Storage

There’s no point in having back-ups on your server if it crashes!  We store your back-ups off site so they can be accessed no matter what happens to your site.

Peace of Mind

GrongTech has you and your online investment covered so you can relax and focus on your business.

Get Your Peace of Mind!

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