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On Page SEOSEO or Search Engine Optimisation, has become an essential part of maintaining and promoting your online presence. More and more people are getting online and using the internet as their primary source for research and to purchase products online. And of these people, the vast majority use Google to do this. It follows that more and more businesses and organisations are building an online presence to meet this demand.  But building a website is only the first step.  In short, having a website is great, but once it’s built, you need it to be found! This is where SEO comes in. It helps the big search engines such as Google index your site and then rank it in their search results.

Recently Google has implemented some fundamental changes to how they index and rank websites. These changes can be described basically in two words, relevance, and reputation. Google’s algorithms analyse a site based on a combination of these two criteria and the resulting score determines that site’s rankings.

Relevance can be thought of as what is on the site (ie.  content), and how well it is built. How relevant is it to the topics and themes in the site and its individual pages? This is where the web designer, or SEO specialist steps in to optimise the content and structure of the page and ultimately the whole site, so that when the “Googlebots” come around to index the website, they can compare the content of the pages with their built-in keywords and titles, thus determining whether the site is really about what it says it’s about.

At GrongTech this is the service we offer to our clients. We call it On Page SEO because it is literally built into every page.


On page SEO used to be enough to get a website ranked highly and quickly on Google, but they have recently placed a great deal of emphasis on reputation in their analysis of websites and this has made it much more difficult for a new website to quickly rank highly. Reputation is just as it sounds, your online reputation. This is not something that can be built into a website and can only be acquired over time by means of a focused web marketing plan. Google now places great importance on how many reputable websites are linking to yours, (their thinking is that a site that has many other sites linking to it must have a solid reputation)

A sound web marketing plan will include social media, publishing a blog, and getting those all important backlinks (links back to your site) More often than not, this is the purview of an SEO specialist.


On Page SEOSo how does relevance and reputation work in combination? Well, think of the final Google ranking for your site being determined by a simple equation:

Relevance x Reputation = Search Engine Rankings
Because we are multiplying, you need significant sores in both relevance and reputation to score highly; 35,000 x 1 is still only 35,000!

On Page SEO is offered as an optional service, but we feel that it is essential to the success of a website.

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